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Space is not the final frontier.

Read the science fiction fantasy Jim Long space agent series of books for future adventure and excitement. The author believes they all contain certain revelations of the distant future that have been channelled by him. Six books published with stand-alone stories visiting other dimensions of time and space including the celestial realms of the astral. Listen to the author, Robin G Howard as he delves into the distant future and explains the details of his writing. All books available for immediate download on the safe and secure PayPal site by credit card. Listen to the new radio series as Jim and crew fight for their lives with a strange assailant.


For further details go to -  www.jimlongspaceagent.co.uk

Spirituality is not religion

Religion is earthbound beliefs and myths written by men for men. Spirituality is an inner sense of the mind proven to me many years ago when I was in the Royal Air Force. I witnessed a dream that changed my thinking. I investigated many religions and found them to have been authored and edited by men. The truth, is sadly lacking in them all. There is no magical man in the sky called God, but there is a profound Godly essence or source in the minds of every human being that flows through the universe. Please view my video   

YouTube VIDEO  and let me know if you have had any revelations.

Robin G Howard’s

Magical Theory of Life.

In today’s world, anything unusual condemned by the critics as supernatural. The word is used to try and belittle the event or occurrence. Facts have shown that there is something psychic in all of us. This non-worldly part contained in our brains is at the moment immeasurable just as radio and television signals were two centuries ago. When we can rid ourselves of the past and move forward into the future things will radically change. An explosive fragmented version of 3000 years exists in the potted history by the ineptitude and lack of facts of the historians. Science is part of divinity based on mathematics as humanity struggles to emerge spiritually not by religion.

Time limits space travel, but inner worlds are soon to be discovered to reveal our eternal purpose without human theology. The fact that our remarkable minds wander into the past or future is ridiculed and scorned. The universal psychic laws stop us leaping out of our bodies and travelling. Today that would be disastrous as we are still in the ‘animal’ mode of our existence. When humans mature and stop trying to force their views and opinions onto others, the escalation of the spirit will rapidly progress. The laws of quantum science will be revealed, and the word supernatural understood. A beautiful world waits if we can get there. Politics and religion are the two paramount issues that face us at the moment. We must surmount these if we are to survive. They will be put in their place as a secondary way of life, allowing progress to an enlightened world.  Go to YouTube - https://youtu.be/SLZ3RRWCJE4

If you are a lover of science fiction

Check your Doctor for an affliction

Certain stories can leave you high

This imaginative passion you can try

It’s time now to go and look

Through the pages of a book.

You are special - you are great

Sci-Fi and fantasy control your fate

Robots, spaceships and aliens too

All of which could be possibly true

Let your imagination find

The ecstasy of an open mind

To be bound in the Earthly mire

Robs the mind of divine desire

The final frontier is not just space

But a new dimension yet to face

For the physical world will surely end

For then we will move to all ascend

Will it be explained and will we find

the final exodus of our humankind.

Jim Long’s travels are hard to mention

And follows the path to inter-dimension

He can even move with just a glance

into a floating out-of-body stance.

Frosty’ Gail Farmer keeps Jim in check

And Norman Clark says what the heck

their dialogue is fast and full of fun

last word ‘Frosty’ shows how its done

Enjoy the words and sing the song

Join the unusual world of Jim Long

Be bold and adventurous and join the fray

Go quickly to jimlongspaceagent.co.uk

YOU’VE ARRIVED AT LAST. SIT BACK AND  LISTEN  TO THE RADIO DRAMA EPISODE Author of Jim Long space agent CONTACT the AUTHOR First radio podcast adaptation from the 1st book In the Jim Long space agent series...
JIM LONG SPACE AGENT - Episode 1 Cast & Credits Jim Long - Aaron Birks Gail Farmer - Kelly Hayes Norman Clark - John Cabrera Computer - Sara Strain Professsor Marto - Steve Bispham Benson - Shaun Rose Announcer - Nick priceScript Robin G Howard Produced by Dave Sharp A Dave Sharp ProductionABOUT JIM LONG SPACE AGENTREALITY is EVERYWHERE......most of it YOU CANNOT SEEVISIT THE WORLD OF RGHDOWNLOAD YOUR  COPY  NOWNEW BOOKNAVIGATEVISIT BOOK TRAILERSREAD ABOUT ABERRANT CREATIONDOWNLOAD FREE JL-SA  HANDBOOK and MINI-STORY7th in the SERIESHOW JIM LONG SPACE AGENT was DISCOVERED

Aberrent Creation




2021 BIG NEWS - Microsoft Edge for Windows  turns a PDF Into a TALKING BOOK - Read Jim Long space agent now from the Jim Long site RADIO DRAMA PODCAST Jim Long space agent series