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TRY MY LIST of  PSYCHIC NON FICTION SPECIAL OFFER - 1st & 2nd  IN FICTION SERIES TRY MY NEW TOON PARTY CARD PSYCHIC READER VISIT MY FICTION BOOK SITE RELATING TO JL BOOKS Margate, Kent. UK Hello, and welcome to my author den.  Due to my previous psychic experiences I have 2 products for you to choose from. Both have a psychic connection: fiction  and non-fiction, and both in the realm  of the new quantum era, we are now  entering. So please browse away  and join the exciting  worlds of  the psychic  & the fiction.

Howard's unique blend of science fiction and non-fiction has earned him a reputation as a visionary author, with a deep understanding of the universe and its many mysteries. His science fiction books explore the possibilities of alternate dimensions and parallel universes, where the laws of physics are stretched to their limits and anything is possible.

What sets Robin G Howard apart from other authors in this field is his own psychic input from his experiences and trip to the future. Howard has been praised for his ability to use his own experiences to inform his writing, creating a rich and immersive world that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the universe.

But Howard's work is not just limited to the realm of science fiction. He has also written a series of non-fiction booklets that delve into the latest scientific theories on the nature of the universe and our place in it. These booklets are perfect for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the mysteries of the cosmos.

What is the universe? What is nature?   What is a part time psychic? Read these free booklets & find out. SUPER QUANTUM FICTION Jim LONG Quantum Space Agent Go to the JL site NOW & join the email