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Quotes come fast and furious delivering sensational headlines for newspapers and the internet from certain books. My theories of predictions are that they cannot foretell a fixed date for anything in the future. Events in the next five-hundred years as in the past are completely fluid. Yes, dreams of the future are a fact but the interpretation difficult to realise. If you have ever read the book of Nostradamus, you will find that he did see the future but lived in an age when he could have been put to death by the church for his revelations thus the confused meanings. The book also is written in a foreign language and has to be interpreted, and in that process, upon completion the meanings can be slightly changed. The seekers of today look back five-hundred years and place the historical events into the predictions. In each case there is no time sequence and no dates involved, these are placed there by the modern editors. My theories of the future are in my two non-fiction books.


Yes, a strange incident many years ago proved to me that there is a separation of physical and ethereal substance in the human body. It was an entirely different perspective to that of the physical existence. It was an out of body experience but certainly not as a mirror body as many books describe. To travel in mirror body is dangerous as your breathing changes as you evolve into new vibrations. To me, this was a quantum jump in energy form to another reality. A reality that was not at this time or date.  

It is documented in the Magical theory of life on Amazon Kindle or www.robinghoward.co.uk

The STRANGE VISIONS of Nostradamus

I tend to dream regularly many different themes. If stressed I become under attack the last instant from a huge giant. He came to club me, but I swam under his legs twisting and turning in the water.  Then I laughed as I awoke on the floor having fallen out of bed wrapped in my duvet. The incident was not meaningless something was annoying me it could have been the 5% rise on the Council tax that is indeed a cause for stress. Now and then in all our lives there comes a serious dream that predicts a future event. It happens regularly, but we all tend to forget. One of the previous episodes I remembered was quite alarming suspended in the air in total darkness my body moved down into an aircraft cabin. All was quiet and peaceful as l looked around. Suddenly, the aircraft started to fall slowly away and passing through the ceiling section saw it continue until it disappeared into the darkness. The calmness overwhelmed me no one knew it was going slowly down. I can only attribute it to the A330 that disappeared eighteen months later in a slow stall because of a lack of airspeed-horizon indicators, and the third pilot was pulling the right joystick back.

I decided from there to try and document any important dreams and eliminate the silly ones. The first one has now arrived. On the 5th May 2018 in the early morning just before waking came a startling vision challenging to interpret because it was in a kind of slow motion. Two aircraft collide both with wing damage one disappears and the other spirals to earth with one survivor.

Please make a note of this for future reference remembering that if the dream came true, it could be any time up to two years before it happens. I am always interested in any night visions that you may have, but unless you document it as soon as you awake, you will have forgotten. Pop into my site through the year to hear of any more and any comments through admin@robinghoward.co.uk.

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I want to tell you why I believe there is a quantum essence contained in your brain; an invisible substance that cannot yet be seen. Something I have known since 1964 after a trip to the future to see an RAF Shackleton from Kinloss, Scotland crash without loss of life. The world needs to know this now to give hope to all who are spiritual, not religious but a rare gift given to me of a difficult and stressful event. The proof to me that there is far more to our lives than just a physical existence. SEE THIS NOW!!

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